The Sense Of Time

2019 | Interactive Art | Projection Mapping | TouchDesigner | Ableton Live | Real-time Sound Capture

Original Footage

Kālacakra / 時輪, or time wheel, refers to mortality, the endless cycle of time. The traditional design of Kālacakra is dense and layered, in which every layer symbolizes a ritual and sacred practice of Buddhism, it could be the ancient idea of multiple universes, where everything is happening at the same time. I was inspired by its comprehensive style which advocates the idea of equality for all living beings. Holding a time wheel and spinning it, we can view all the details with flexible viewpoints.

Glitched Footage

The original time wheel animation was accidentally glitched by the media player IINA player, which extended every frame and reshaped the way time was played. I have embraced this glitch and designed an interactive installation in which the animation is triggered by the audience's activity.

A Time Wheel Driven By Human's Activity

The meaning of a cultural symbol is created by one's interaction with it. When the viewers get closer to work and make more noise, the time wheel will play at a faster speed, representing the response to the viewers' prays. I consider galleries to be religious places, where people view objects with a certain reverence.