2018 | WebVR | A-frame | HTML | CSS

In Taiwan, a temple is where people frequently go to pray for their desires, a place that deeply connects with the people of the day. My background in Taiwan, a small country with a diverse culture including polytheism, inspires me to import cultural symbols into virtual spaces. Prayer is a WebVR space that allows people to experience the mystic ambiance of an Asian temple.

I like to observe how people adjust their behaviour when entering a religious space - they become very respectful and can follow dogmas because they want to ask for good fortune, so I made this VR space like a game. In Prayer, a viewer has to find something clickable to trigger rewards, because obviously, a religious space and a video game have a lot of things in common--they're all changing our behaviors and perspectives so that we can unlock a new level or get rewards, and that place creates communities for people to unite, and additionally, people will feel relaxed in a temple just like they feel relaxed when playing videogames.