The Release - Collective Poem, 2021

Collective poem created by me and dedicators of The Release Project:

Full Lyrics:

May we remember the smells of first spring rain, a new start brings new life


May we remember the way we sense the world,

Smells the wet dirt and grass and the candles help us sleep well.

May we also enjoy the first person perspective,

I see you and I reflect you.


May we still write, talk, communicate with each other,

with the hearts that embrace any emotions and secrets.


May we appreciate the protections, from self-ego, from our parents,

from books and knowledge, from anonymous forums and firewalls.

May we accept the experience at different ages.

So we cherish our origins, and enjoy the virtual world.

We pray for a healthy and prosperous future for our family.

We pray for being fearless and free.

Only be true to ourselves. 不要忘記真實的自己。

Have a good trip!

Don't be afraid of trying something new and don't worry what others think.

We appreciate all the transformation, and continue being creative.


Being now and safe.

We pray for the release.

Mothership, 2020

Consume, 2019

Consume, features glitchy reverberate feedback between a mobile phone and an external speaker, is the ending song for the short film, The Nation( Directed by Davis Chang from Chapman University).

Consumes's eerie vibe and experimental glitch effects successfully resonated with the audience when screening in LA in 2019.

The Nation

The Nation is selected in 2021 Los Angeles Rock Film Festival .

Directed by Davis Chang

Screenplay by Andrew Potter

Produced by Keren Wang

Cast - Joseph Miller, Terrell Dixon, Neil Popp, Ian Neville


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Westworld Soundtrack Remix, 2018

Inspired by HBO Westworld Season 1

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