2018 | Interactive Art | Projection Mapping | Processing | Microsoft Kinect

Momentum(2018) is an interactive projection mapping art piece, it shows my passion for music and poetic narrative of computer vision. Inspired by a song from the popular 80s rock band “Tears For Fears”, my team used open-source software Processing to fill viewers bodies with lyrics "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" while they are standing in front of an XBOX 360 Kinect sensor.

Driven by the audience's dynamics motions, Momentum can be considered as a magic mirror, which disenables audiences to see their real appearance clearly and creates a fancy illusion, viewers must change their postures several times to confirm where their reflections are. Interestingly, the dynamic, ever-changing motion graphics encourage people to find and communicate with the invisible sensor, just like the lyrics say, they try to rule what they see, however, the√ imitation of sensor distance prevents viewers to get too close to the projection mapping. In the end, the viewers are almost controlled by the Kinect sensor, they unconsciously become “objects” in this project.