3D Animation with motion capture
Blender 3DMicrosoft KinectPremiere Pro

In Canon, a half-transparent, white ghostly body performs yoga-like choreography inside a human head. It begins with a Tadasana pose (mountain pose), to exhale in and exhale out with the arms slightly swung. Correspondingly, the outside head is expanded and shrank following the movement of the inside body. Changing, overlapping colors is added, the shape of the head is blurred and gradually becomes something like Chi - invisible aura, or energy. Then the arms of the inside body gently reach to the sky and transform to Warrior One Pose, with its right foot forward and the left foot straight behind. Hold a few breaths. Afterward, it turns to a child pose, hug, and curl up its body. The head, accordingly, returns to the original shape.

In Canon, I sculpted a dancing body inside a ghostly head with open-source 3D software, Blender, and then synchronized my bodily movements with a 3D object using a Kinect sensor. These works incorporated the spirit of physical practices designed to benefit the well-being of people, such as Qigong and Yoga. Like the original definition in music, "Canon is a contrapuntal (counterpoint-based) compositional technique that employs a melody with one or more imitations of the melody played during a given duration". The Canon represents the changing synchronization of the inner mind and outer appearance of the human body, as well as implies the invisible coordination between computer algorithms and the input data from man's determination. Infusing my soul into a computer-generated object, Canon is a sublimation of cooperation between humans and machines.