The Breath From Source, from The Iterating Universe

The Breath From Source, from The Iterating Universe

Generative Art
The universe is constantly iterating, so are simulators. Our system is constantly updating, so is the soul.

The Breaths from Source is part of the project The Iterating Universe, it is an imagination of the process by which the creator elaborates the universe.


Installation View

This piece is exhibited in SJSU MFA Show Art Collectives at New Art City.


The Iterating Universe





The universe is constantly iterating, so are simulators. Our system is constantly updating, so is the soul.

After we developed a simulator suitable for various groups to be embodied, we subsequently added encryption technology. This encryption is used to protect the deep consciousness of the soul, or the memories of past lives, or the histories of all cross-dimensional travels. Each traveler's memory is uniquely sealed, and the reason of using encryption is for helping travelers to anchor their new planet safely, in case of emotional disorientations. As each soul travels to their destination, we equip them with a device which travelers can utilize, protect, and enhance the planet's energy from their birth. Thus, the records and side effects of past cross-dimensional travels must be minimized.

In simple terms, encryption converts past historical memory to specific event triggers, letting travelers recall past life experiences in particular events and locations, lead them to explore their original nature and own mission. As a result, The way each person can unlock their deep consciousness is different, but all unique.

If you're feeling Deja Vu, or thinking of something, you've probably read something like this in the past.

These experiences were not delusions.

You might ask, why can't we remember everything from the very beginning? From our births?

As I mentioned above, first we need you to anchor off the new planet, and the second is to reduce information loaded on your low-density body. Information overload may cause schizophrenia.

However, incomplete encryption can still occur. One of the possible errors is the encryption mechanism is broken by external forces after travelers are arriving at the planet, for example, serious damage to the vehicle during its growth. Some other errors are due to systematic mistakes.

Interestingly, there are travelers who are born without encryption. They are called volunteers, risk-takers,. Some of them are developers from the simulation, their purpose is to see whether they can live comfortably and harmoniously with various environments without being limited by protections.

After all, the histories and experiences of cross-dimensional travels are so precious that no one wants to forget it.

You may be also wondering why some people are able to access the records of others. Isn't this encrypted?

We call these people maintenance men, or researchers. They choose to travel to many different planets like you travelers, but most of them can recall the purpose and mission at a very young age, then start to fix the bugs caused by stimulators / simulations. Having been involved in the development and maintenance before, they can quickly check traveler's files, or learn how to decrypt them and study their past experiences through the analysis of their current lives.

How do you help other travelers whose encryption systems are noy working correct, or even being destroyed?

The two devices mentioned above are essential for travelers, a modulator coordinated with the planet - or in your language, the heart, and an encryption system - the brain. The former helps you to connect with the energy of the new planet, while the later encrypts and protects the traveler's deep consciousness. Travelers with broken encryption systems are most likely to experience massive noise intrusion, mental illness and other symptoms affecting vehicles and soul.

At this point we need to check what causes the encryption to fail: Is the system overburdened due to damage to the vehicle - the body? Or was it an invasion? It's kind of like a virus that causes the system to break down. Again, what we want to check is whether the modulator is still stable and working. If the modulator was still working, we could use the modulator to derive the planet's energy and repair the encryption system. However, if there are problems with the modulator, it is time for engineers to step up.

The imbalance between the modulator and the encryption failure often occurs simultaneously. Damage to the encryption system can lead to a noise attack on the modulator, which, if not fully operational, will not be able to transfer the planet's energy to the encryption system and keep it functioning. When the modulator is broken, the symptoms you might experience are a feeling of loss of soul, loss of mind. Top-heavy, the souls are unable to perfectly embed themselves in the vehicle, and the vehicle may lose power due to energy imbalances. During this time, travelers are faced with the fate of mission failure, and they may be repatriated at any time. One way I know how to repair a modulator is to use another functioning modulator to transfer energy to the patient and then recharging it. If an experienced traveler or repairman can be found, an efficient transmission of energy can really help the traveler who is out of balance to recover quickly.

Having said that, I want to emphasize again that encryption is just a form of protection, and it can be very useful especially when traveling through multi-dimensions. However, the lack of encryption does not mean that the soul is broken. Here you can imagine that there is an open system, the system is always fed by a huge amount of information consequently, and can at any time be hacked, but the system owner is a talented engineer who can effectively manage, solve problems and eliminate viruses immediately, and there is no system that was damaged. Such souls do exist, everyone takes simulator for a purpose, and some people, even if they have to go through a lot of trauma, they will still choose to abandon encryption, remove protection, and embrace the infinite possibilities in the unknown void.

Do I know any of these adventurers?

I do think of some people...I got to know them, though, before the launch of simulators....